Below are some examples of the "Cat's Eye" effect produced with DOF PRO. On the top-left hand corner of every sample is the original unprocessed image. On the top right hand corner is a foreground element (if used) that has been composited after the DOF processing. Since we are simply using fixed processing, no depth map was required. On the bottom left hand corner is the final DOF composited image and on the bottom right hand corner is a brief description of the sample. Clicking on an image will launch a full-sized preview in a pop-up window so please make sure you have pop-up blockers disabled.
This first "Lamp" image is an excellent example of the new sophisticated "Cat's Eye" Bokeh effects produced by the highlights in DOF PRO. In this example you can clearly see the bokeh highlights narrowing and rotating as the distance from the center axis increases - 100% physically correct to real-world optical vignetting. This example also has mild chromatic aberration applied which can be seen as color fluctuations along the bokeh edges.
This "Christmas Tree" image is another great example of the "Cat's Eye" feature in DOF PRO. In addition, because of DOF PRO's unique highlight preservation algorithm, both small and large highlights are preserved and effectively processed. Highlight enhancement also allows you to further enhance the bokeh effects and truly bring out the beautiful optical characteristics of realistic depth of field.