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 DoF generator for video use. 

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I know that the 2.5 version with be alright for 3d animation. But my problem about Depth of film is when i shoot in video (panasonic dvx100a) and i want to create the DoF of my shoot.

I know there is 35mm adaptor that i can put to my Dvx100a ( to create DoF. But Those need to be tune-up at everyshoot, is very big, unbalance the camera, block 1 stop of light and the footages seems more "soft".

I can have little Dof by playing with focal lens, open wide the iris, etc... but it will be cool if your softare will have the function to "detect" little rack focus made with the Dvx100a and make it bigger in a sens !

DoF generator "scan" the footage, detect the little video rack focus, process it to be more like 35mm film rack focus. In a way, make it easy and fast to do... to be able to do a short film with many shoots.


A ya, make it for Mac OS please !
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thanks for your post. If I understand correctly, you are suggesting to use DOF PRO for real world videos - as opposed to CG animations. The trouble is that you need to supply a depth map for each frame to control the amount of blur added in the post process. In CG, depth maps can be generated at little extra cost, but in real world photography or video this has to be done manually. If this is painstaking work for stills, it would be prohibitive for even a short fideo clip I am afraid.

There is currently no DOF PRO version for the Mac, however a workaround has been reported in another thread

Sorry that I do not have a better answer.

Kind regards

Martin Vicanek
DOF PRO Developer
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I think you would be better off using a 35mm adapter to get the DOF you desire.

I started building these myself a few years back. Currently everyone and their brother is coming out with "<their name> 35" models so, you should be able to get one pretty cheap AND have a big community for support (

This beats having to generate the DOF maps by hand. Smile

There is a way to generate DOF maps for video footage but it involves tracking the footage with a camera-matching plugin and rendering 3D planes with depth-cue / fog / z-render info and bringing that in as your mask.
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Joined: 28 Mar 2006
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ya i know Dof adapter... Redrock M2 seems to be the best of all... but bring somes "softeness" to the image anyways... its big (unbalance the camera) and got to be adjust (or check) very frequendly (dust, back focus, etc...). and doing "Rack focus" must be hell in HD with a Dof adapter.

There is also noise creating by the ground glass:

I was just checking to a way to bring DOF in post...

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