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 my own wishlist 

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my own wishlist:

1. international language version(s)
2. pdf-tutorial, printable
3. standalone program version
4. motion blur
5. calculation of required process time (better: speed it up for large pics, if its possible)


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Hi Mario,

thank you for posting. That's quite a list! Wink Let me answer each of your points:

1. Maintaining a software in more than one language localization can be quite costly. So far we have aimed at keeping our product at a competitive price (not without scuccess, I might add), however if there is a broader interest in another language version, we might take it into consideration. At any rate, other than German is unlikely unless we find some volunteers.

2. Tutorials in PDF format - good point! We'll take this up.

3. A standalone version is currently not in our focus. However, as there is a huge number of compatible host applications (for a list please refer to, some of which are freeware, I don't think this is really a serious concern.

4. Yep, motion blur is quite a popular demand. We are currently looking into that.

5. In the rendering console of DOF PRO there is an estimate of the required rendering time. We have taken every effort to optimize performance, however, without making concessions to quality.


Martin Vicanek
DOF PRO Developer
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