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 Depth Map 

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Sorry, it may be a not very smart question as I am new with this amazing and great results software . I am not clear, for a new image how ca I load a Depth Map file: "photoname.bmp"?

I tried the tutorial example with the ChessDM.bmp and it worked as presented in the tutorial.

Then, when I loaded one of my pictures to try the software, I could not go further as I have no "photoname.bmp".

Can you please help me?

Thank you


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I've spent some time with DofPro, but I'm still a novice.

However, I believe that I can offer some help.

Using DofPro v3, within the 'DEPTH' selection box, under 'Mode', you'll find a drop-down list that includes standard gradient depth maps.

If these aren't suitable for what you're trying to do, and like myself you can't justify the $$$ for the Vray computer animation software, then you will have to create your own depth map.

Using PhotoShop, I start by de-saturating a copy of the image I'm making the depth map for.

Next , depending on your image, you may want to isolate pertinent objects/subjects, and fill them in with a mono-hue any where from white to black, with the white indicating focus preference.

Look at tutorial 1 for the example used in the chess image.

When you are finished, save the image as a bitmap to the same directory in which you placed the DofPro plug-in.
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