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 Trouble getting started with DOF Pro 

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I understand the concept of the software and that I need to create a gray scale depth map. I saw one user suggested desaturating the image and then white out what I want to stay in focus. I did that but it gets time consuming using the tools to select the detailed edges on some of my files. I am using Photoshop CS2. Is there an easier way to create a Depth map for these images. One that will have the different shades of gray like in the chess tutorial. Also, the image takes a long time to render, 30-40 minutes. I know it could be the computer processor but it may also be the size of the image. I have a Canon 1DS Mark II which is 16mp. Most of the file I will work with come from my point and shoot Canon which is 10mp but a fixed focal point.

Anyplace you can point me to help with some of these answers?

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Hi Jeff;

Creating depth maps from Photographs is not as easy as creating them from CG. You have to create 3D information from a 2D image and the only way to do this is to define objects in 3D space using color intensity values.

You can, in most cases, get away with using DOF PRO's built in vertical and radial gradients for many photographs. However, if you require more precise work, a hand-made custom map will always yield the best results.

If you take a look at the DOF PRO Photography gallery, you can see how using the standard depth maps can often produce fairly good results:

Creating your own depth maps in a paint program is not too complicated but can be time consuming. It's a task of selecting objects one at a time and assigning a greyscale value to them. You should always go from white to black and shift the focal point within DOF PRO.


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Thank you this helps.

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