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 Motion Blur and DoF questions 

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I've been looking into the Depth of Field Generator, and it looks amazing. I've been working on a short film for a year or three, and I'm getting to the point of rendering it. With VRay, I first tried rendering my scenes using VRay's motion blur and depth of field, but the renders are too long. So I started to save out my renders as RPFs and use Combustion to do the motion blur. I like the look of this, but depth of field is still slowing the VRay renders down dramatically, hence the reason why I'm here! I'm assuming that when I apply the motion blur in Combustion, render the new sequence out in Combustion (as jpgs or bmps or whatever) and bring it into Depth of Field Generator and use a depth map to apply DoF, it will look odd in the places where the non-motion blurred depth map is controlling the areas that are motion blurred?

I'm curious if theres a way or some sort of work around to get Depth of Field Generator working with motion blur somehow. Such as, the RPFs that I use for motion blur have depth information in them. In Combustion, after I apply the motion blur, is there a way to extract the depth information with the new motion blur blurs applied to it? Im assuming if I had a depth map that had blurs matching where the motion blur is at, the depth of field would look great.

Anyway, I'm hoping I can figure out some type of work around here, thanks for any information!
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Hi Chris;

The problem with motion blur and any post DOF processors is that a motion blurred depth map is technically incorrect. Since a depth map defines the distace of objects from the camera in pixel values of 0-255, motion blurred edges in a depth map suggest that those edges are further in distance than the actual object. The result is that you get the base object DOF'ed to one amount, with the motion blurred edges DOF'ed at a different amount - thus, incorrect.

I don't think there's many filters out there that can do both post motion blur AND DOF since a depth map can't really contain information for both (well, it could, but it wouldn't be your standard depth map).

Having said all that, there are a few examples in the DOF PRO homepage in the animation gallery of vehicles moving with motion blur and DOF PRO applied to them. The only reason it works ok in that example is because it's moving fast and the eye doesn't pick up on the incorrect DOF.

No matter what, if your depth map is motion blurred or not, it will still work as it's supposed to with DOF PRO. But technically, a motion blurred depth map will yield incorrect DOF.


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