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 my wish/bug list 

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small annoyances/wishes:

- I have to go to frame 0 and press "View Frame" before pressing Execute, otherwise it says "Inconsistent source image and output image filenames" when doing batch. It doesn't seem to update output file name number when changing from frame to frame when animating parameters
- this happens: keyframing e.g. F-depth for whole sequence and then noticing that aperture was wrong. DoFPro makes keyframes for every parameter even when I just want to keyframe e.g. F-depth. Changing other parameters after keying one is cumbersome. Wish: "keyframe selected param only" button.
- No Undo?
- small workflow wish: "update" button for frame sequences, so I can start tweaking parameters when I have my first frames rendered and want to continue with the whole sequence as it completes. Now I have to either reload source frames or click Configure on and off (loses animation params!).
- wish: A/B compare button for parameters. It should be able to save current preview and settings and then able to load them to compare to alternative settings & preview pic. Some kind of draggable divider would be nice, too.
- wish: resizeable preview window (this seems to be in Richard's poll too)

Bigger problem:
- on my setup, DoFPro seems to hang from time to time when rendering bigger sequences, giving error message "Failed to open Source Image file x:\xxx\xxx.tga" and then after clicking OK "Memory access violation!". It seems to repeat on the same sequence on the same frames. But after the errors, I just adjust start frame to the error frame and start Execute again and everything goes on fine. I had 4 of those errors during 586fr sequence. It's not a big deal when rendering on the background when working on something else, but for overnight DoF renders it's a problem.
(Setup: P4 3.2GHz, 2GB, XP Pro, PS CS1, DoFPro 3.0.72)

Hmm, this forum seems quite dead at the moment. Everybody busy DoF'ing around, maybe... Rolling Eyes


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Hi tpp,
I'm having the same problem but i haven't been able to progress past the point where i get the errors.

Can you elaborate on the exact actions you take to get it to continue. At the moment i don't mind kicking it of with your method periodically as long as i get the job done.



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Ah , worked it out.
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