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 photography, depth maps & point of focus 

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I'm a photographer and am very excited about this software. There is one thing I am unclear of however, which is something shown in the photography examples. It does state that the focus is determined in your depth map (exported mask) and white is in focus, black is out of focus. However in the examples, beginning at Smarties, and then the bottles, and the chocolates.. these all have a simple gradient from white to black, although the focus is actually in the middle, not on the white. Is the gradient just a starting point, and then you can change the point of focus to any area of the gradient?

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Hi krisbfunk,

you are referring to the depth map versus focus map issue which is also mentioned in the FAQ at Basically you use a depth map to code the distance in a 2D image - white for close objects and black for distant objects, gray in between. Then you set the DOF PRO Focus slider to a gray level value that represents the focus distance in the depth map, i.e. objects at that particular distance will appear sharp whereas other objects will be blurred to a degree that depends on their distance from the focal plane.

Have a look at the interactive demo at You can set the focus by clicking on a particular chess piece. The images that you see have all been precomputed with DOF PRO from the same input image and depth map, just with different focus settings.

Hope that helps!

Martin Vicanek
DOF PRO Developer
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