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 Incorrect Color Depth 

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Hi, I'm having problems when I attempt to use the batch animation process. I'm on V.3.0.72, I loaded up an image that was a TIFF file, than attempted to apply the Depth Map to it. It said that it was an "Incorrect Color Depth (32) and to supply an uncompressed bitmap of 8 bt or 24 bit color depth. Well, when I look at the specs in photoshop it shows already that it is 8 Bit. So i decided to try and convert it to a greyscale, and than it worked. When I tried to do an animation, when I would scrub over to later frame, the same message would come up, even though it had been greyscaled. So I tried to convert all the depth maps to a BMP file, uncompressed at 8 bits, but the same message still came up! I'm a little bummed right now and could really use some help! Why is it saying this to me?

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Wait,....I figured it out! For some reason it wasn't liking that I had an alpha channel on the source image. So I ran the several hundred frames through photoshop and just batch-autamated deleting the alpha channel. Now it seems to be working great! Awesome product!
I'll post some screen shots after I finish the entire animation.

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Hi aquafat11,

thank you for your posting, I am happy you like DOF PRO! The alpha channel issue has also been noticed by others, please refer to As I write we are working to fix it in the next maintenance release to come out soon.
I am looking forward to seeing your DOF PRO Gallery contribution!


Martin Vicanek
DOF PRO Developer
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