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 Vray 1.5 Zdepth 

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I read your topic on using fog with vray but I am not impressed with the output image. I tried using the vray zdepth and it renders the image with a drop down menu item to view the zdepth image. It looks like the images in your tuts. However, when I choose to save the image, I can't get photoshop cs3 to see the zdepth channel. I tried using a script for max to extract the zdepth channel and save as a bmp file but it doesn't find the channel either. One other thing, the only way I can view the zdepth channel correctly in the VFB is by deselecting the 'clamp zdepth' under the vrayzdepth parameters before render. After it renders, choose the zdepth channel from the drop down and click the 'view clamped colors' toggle at the bottom of the VFB. Then and only then do I see the image I want to save. Hopefully I made sense. I figure I am just missing some settings here.
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Hi gshomedesign;

Viewing the Zdepth in the VRay VFB will show it incorrectly (in rings of color) although it IS correct mathematically. As you found out, clamping the values shows you the result you want.

Personally, I don't render using the VFB, just use fog in atmospherics and use VRay to render a normal output frame. This is then what I import into DOF PRO as a BMP (or any file format supported by DOF PRO v3.0).

If you are not impressed with the output, you should post your results so that I can take a look and see if it can be improved or if you've skipped a step. Otherwise, there's not much I can do.


Richard Rosenman
DOF PRO Developer
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