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 v4 layout 

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hello, having just installed v4, i was hoping perhaps the windows layout would be formatted so that it was laid out to save space, but instead it wastes quite a bit.
the preview window is on the upper left, in most all plugins, they have the options panels on the leftside, or rightside, or below.
but dofpro puts the option panel to the diagonal lowerright, forcing the preview window to go to the upperleft and remain small. the wasted space on the upper right could just have the options panels there, so that the preview photo could take up the leftside, just like most all plguins and programs have a format to save space. or move the rendering console to the rightside so it doesnt shrink up the preview as well and make all that empty space to its rightside....on the larger monitors it gets worse when usually larger monitors allow for larger previews, but here the empty spaces get bigger since the preview and the panels are diagonal to each other.

so it really would be nice to just make the layout of the program cleaner, put the panels either rightside, leftside, or below, but just not diagonally.
also, for users of photoshop and those who dont do video, it would be nice to easily turn off panels, like the batch panel some will never use, and hiding it would provide even more usuable space, so that the depth panel and the rendering console could take one side, just again like most graphic apps (any of adobes and most all plugins for adobe programs), and the preview takes the leftside...

and maybe offer a version for just photoshop users, with no batch panel at all, and sell for a few bucks less, picking up more customers who just need photo work and not video work.
thanks and take care,

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Hey Gary;

Thanks for your feedback regarding the GUI. You've raised some good points. The placement of the rendering console shiftin to the right side would be somewhat difficult but the other option to minimize or close each panel is certainly achievable... and a good idea too.

I'll put this on the feature list and I suspect this could easily be incorporated into a point release sooner rather than later.


Richard Rosenman
DOF PRO Developer
Digital Animation Director
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