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 Depth Map problem 

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Just getting around now to playing with v4 and having some problems with depth maps.

I'm loading the map and getting an error message saying the file sizes do not match, but they are they same size for sure. DOF pro is ready the image file (the one I want to blur in) as 126pixesl taller than it is in fact. That's using a .tif depth map.

If I save the same depth map as a png file I get a "failed to open depth map.bmp" message, and then a memory access violation message.

I'm working atm with a file with a single floating layer. Nothing fancy, but it's about 7000X5000 pixels.

Anything obvious I might be doing wrong?


EDIT: figured part of it out!
DOF Pro seems to be reading the size of the image including layer information that extends beyond the canvas size. I can see how that might be handy (to keep non-visible parts consistently filtered) but since the map doesn't hit them it doesn't help much. Anyway, cropping to the canvas size made it work okay.
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