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 Complex Structures #4 
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Below is an example of a complex structure produced with Depth Of Field Generator PRO. The image is straight output from Depth Of Field Generator PRO and has not been edited/processed in any way.

Whenever we deal with complex structures and post processing filtering, artefacts are difficult to avoid, mostly due to information which has to be extrapolated as a result of not exisiting in the original image. The quality of the processed image therefore greatly depends on the types algorithms used for extrapolation, as well as the method in producing the image.

One common issue with all DOF postprocessors is that whenever you have a blurred edge in front of something, there is missing information about that image behind the edge which has to be reconstructed somehow. Since this missing information cannot be reliably extrapolated, an alternative is to reduce the artefacts produced by softening the visibly hard edges resulting from the depth map. This can be achieved by applying the same DOF PRO processing to the depth map for use with the image in question. This will effectively minimize and/or eliminate most visible artefacts without having to rely on image extrapolation and/or reconstruction.

All the following mathematical models were created and graciously posted for the public by Jotero
on the Maxwell Render Forum.
They were textured, lit, rendered and DOF PRO processed by myself for the gallery. All images were rendered with VRay 1.47.03 using 3dsmax 6.0. The Depth Maps were generated using 3dsmax's fog feature with VRay and DOF PRO.



Depth Map:


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