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 Using DOF Pro for photography 

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I found this software while searching for some Photoshop blur tutorials threads on the net.
It seems very exciting so I wondered if this applies only to 3D rendering output or can it be used for photography also?

I have read the FAQ and looked over the tutorials and one question comes to mind, how does one created MAPS from an image using photoshop?
I noticed the BMP maps that come with the tutorials have variable grayscale values and im assuming this determines the depth of each element in the scene so my question is how could someone create this from an image? are there techniques or tools to help achieve this?

Very exciting software by the way, the results look very convincing. (much better than masking with blur.

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yes, you can use DOF PRO for photography (check out the gallery at Wink).

Creating custom depth maps is possible but may involve some amount of labor. Please have a look at the following threads:

Hope that helps!


Martin Vicanek
DOF PRO Developer
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