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 DepthMap settings in 3d-software 

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Hi to all,
Im Tofe and new here.
I have the DofPro-plugin now and some questions. I would appreciate it to get some tipps.

One of several things Im not yet sure about is this althoug I red the other threads:
I generate the depth maps with c4d and Im working with the vray render plugin. I do not yet know which settings of a different range in the Vray-depth-settings have which effects for my map and to my picture.
Example - if I do have an indoor scene with a table in the foreground on which my main focussing objects are.
Should I take a range from zero (camera) to the end of table? Or should I take a range which the whole room includes? Or a range where the outdoor area is included (behind the windows)?
I guess the wider the range is the less focussing area is possible!?
Or are the settings irrelevant and I can modificate all I wish in DofPro plugin?

(sorry for this poor english)

Bye Tofe
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Hi Tofe;

Your range should include everything that may be defocused by DOF PRO. So, for instance, if you have your subject on the table that will be in focus, and everything else on the table and in the back of the room out of focus, you should render all this in your depth map. Including the entire range of the room so that DOF PRO can defocus it.

Remember that your depth map should always be from white to black, black being the the furthest region of your scene that requires DOF.

If you are still stuck, you can always post your images and I can show you.


Richard Rosenman
DOF PRO Developer
Digital Animation Director
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